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Crains Total Office Is Now A Part Of The Creative Office

The Creative Office headquartered in Olympia, Wash., will officially welcome Crains Total Office into The Creative Office family effective Aug. 14, 2023. All Crain’s team members will become employees of The Creative Office.

“We are excited to be joining forces with the professionals at The Creative Office Total Office. Combined, we have 75 years of experience and knowledge of the needs of our customers across the state,” said Crains Total Office President Greg Seals. “Our teams will continue to provide the service and expertise of space planning and design, and installation as well as the furniture, office supplies, printing and promotional and logo wear for customers.”

Crains Total Office will vacate their current location and operate out of The Creative Office location at 721 Legion Way SE Olympia. The Creative Office also serves Eastern Washington with a location in Spokane Valley, Wash.

Lowell Gordon President of The Creative office states this partnership with Crains Total Office will strengthen our ability to better serve the wants and needs of our customers in our community.

“I truly want to thank all the staff and customers for the years of support and I look forward to working with them as part of The Creative Office,” said Seals.

The Creative Office can be reached at 360 754-1732 or [email protected] and at

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